Defensive Driving Course Edmonton

Defensive Driving Course Edmonton

Our Demerit Reduction Defensive Driver course will help you understand the outcomes of unsafe driving on the road.

Our instructors will guide you through the content in the curriculum required for the exam. Completing the exam with an 80% score will let you reduce up to 3 demerits from your driver profile.

With our in-class program, 

> you can finish the exam

> receive your certificate

> visit any Alberta Registry office

> and reduce your demerits on the same day.

Course Details:

  • Learn about safety on the road and how you relate to it
  • Comprehend the Traffic Safety Act
  • Learn about issues involving drivers, vehicles, and the surrounding environment
  • Understand various impairments and emergencies you may face, and learn about their solution

Erase your 3 demerit points today!

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