Best Driving School for Capilano Area – Learning to drive is exciting.

However, there’s a lot to learn before you can get on the road.

Best Driving School for Capilano Area

Call – (780)721-8282 -Book your lessons.

  • Alberta Transportation approved driving lessons.

  • Male and Female Alberta Transportation certified Instructors.

  • Free Pickup and Drop-off

  • Class 7 Knowledge test prep

  • Our Driving School is open all 7 days of week – 7 am to 8 pm

  • Our driving program includes online theory lesson

  • Theory class batch starts every weekday

  • Manual (Stick Shift) Driving Lessons available

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels

Lessons personalized based on age, driving experience, and needs

Theory Lessons

15 hours classroom theory lessons (Online option is available)

On Road Training

10 Hours of on road training
Arrow Driving School in Edmonton


Insurance reduction certificate

Our Driving Courses

Alberta Transportation approved driving lessons

Edmonton Driving School

Option 1

25 hours option

10 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online or In-Class Theory


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driving lessons - option 2

Option 2

29 hours option

14 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online or In-Class Theory


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driving lessons - option 3

Option 3

25 hours option

Manual (Stick Shift) Driving Lessons

10 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online or In-Class Theory


(Hourly $70)

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Contact Us

Arrow Driving School

Unit #206, 6203 28 Avenue.


T6K 4E8

Tel: (780) 721-8282


Our On-Road Training class Timings

  • 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Obtain Appointment)

What our students saying about us

Amazing driving school, very enjoyable learning environment. My driving instructor was knowledgeable, easy to understand and supportive. Before going into my first lesson I’ve never driven a car before in my life but after a few lessons I was confidently driving on the streets, he helped me get prepared for my license road test and I was able to pass on my first attempt. I could not be thankful enough to him for helping me achieve this goal.

— x — x —

Sohi Patel

Why learning driving through a Arrow driving school edmonton is important

Learning through a school such as Arrow Driving School is quite important because your students will learn all that is required for their license, and they will come to a place that is good for learning in all situations. The school has ensured over many years that they will provide the finest education for all those who are learning to drive, and the school believes that it will be quite simple to help all kids learn how to drive. The school will do the same for adults, and there is a place for everyone who wants to learn.

Why choose Arrow driving school edmonton

The Arrow Driving School Edmonton will help you ensure that you have all the proper education in a much nicer building than you have ever been in. You are not forced to sit through boring classes because these are engaging and fun, and you will notice that all the people at the school are friendly. The school has a lot of good teachers who know how to bring kids along and teach them how to drive. The school is quite thorough, and the school will ensure that the people who are with them are learning everything. They do not rest until their students are licensed and safe.

Our Driving Courses

The driving courses will begin with those that help students learn the tests they must take, and they will continue with a number of driving lessons that will help everyone get behind the wheel and learn. There is quite a lot of practical education, and the Arrow Driving School Edmonton staff will assess all the students to ensure that they know where they are in their progression as driving students. Students who are not able to learn in certain situations are often given extra help, and they are given new courses to try. The courses will include tests that are mocked to ensure that the students know how those work when they take them in the real world. This is the finest practice that anyone can have for their driving tests.

Our Program Features

Arrow Driving School is a wonderful place to learn because the courses are thorough and well thought out. The tests that are used to ensure the students are learning have been set up such that everyone feels like they are learning, and the facility itself has many courses that are going on at the same time. Students feel much more comfortable and confident in these classes, and they feel as though they have made choices that will help them learn well. A student who is in The right will learn more, and they will feel just as confident when they go on the course to drive. They will be with people who have been doing this for some time, and the facilities will host a salon of learning that helps kids pass their driving test.