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Driving School Edmonton

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driver education for teens

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Driving School Edmonton – Voted Best – Very popular among teen and student drivers

Refresher lessons for Teen Drivers

Free Pickup and Drop off in any area

Defensive Driving School for Teenagers

Male / Female certified Instructors

Serving Edmonton, Riverbend, Ellerslie, Rutherford, Sherwood Park, Beaumont

Manual (Stick Shift) Driving Lessons available

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Important Update

Our in-car driving lessons will resume soon. New students are encouraged to register as soon as possible to book their in-car spot and use the waiting period to complete their theory lessons via an online theory course.

Coronavirus (COVID‑19) Measures

The health and well-being of our students are our top priority.

  • We are  wiping down car surfaces, such as door handles, window controls, seat adjusters, steering wheel and steering wheel height adjuster, parking brake, gear lever, indicator and wiper stalks and light controls with alcohol based gel at the beginning and end of each training.
  • We also provide hand senitizer gel for our students to use during their driving lessons
  • Please note: the class-room theory lessons can be converted to online theory lessons at no extra cost.

Most popular driving school among teens

At Arrow Driving School Edmonton we truly care about our pupils. We try our best to pass on the knowledge that will help you to be a safe and knowledgeable driver on the road. This won’t just keep your life out of risk, but will also protect the lives of the other people on the road. Our students are trained to make sure they maintain the roads of the city safe.

  • Arrow Driving School provides Alberta Transportation approved driving lessons.
  • Proudly serving as one of the best driving school in Edmonton and around.
  • Male and Female Alberta Transportation certified Instructors.
  • Free Pickup and Drop-off in and around Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, St Albert, Riverbend, and Terwillegar area.
  • Our Driving School is open all 7 days of week – 7 am to 8 pm
  • Our driving program includes online theory lesson
  • Theory class batch starts every weekday

We care for our students.

Our Driving Courses

Alberta Transportation approved driving lessons

Driving School Edmonton

Option 1

25 hours option

10 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online or In-Class Theory


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driving lessons - option 2

Option 2

29 hours option

14 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online or In-Class Theory


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Option 3

25 hours option

Manual (Stick Shift) Driving Lessons

10 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online or In-Class Theory


(Hourly $70)

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Download Alberta Transportation approved Guide

Important Reading

Licensing stages

Stage 1. Learner (Class 7 Licence)

To get a learner’s driver’s licence you must:

Stage 2. Probationary (Class 5-GDL Licence)

To get a probationary driver’s licence you must:

  • be 16 years of age or older
  • have parental or guardian consent if you are under 18 years of age
  • have had a Class 7 learner’s licence for at least 12 months
  • pass the basic road test (Download Road Test Guide from our website)

Stage 3. Full, non-GDL (Class 5 Licence)

To become a fully-licensed driver you must:

  • drive for 2 years as a Class 5-GDL driver
  • have no licence suspensions during the last 12 months of the probationary stage
  • pass the advanced road test

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Arrow Driving School

Address: 1467  25 Street NW, T6T 2L3

Tel: (780) 721-8282

Email: thearrowdrivingschool@gmail.com


Our On-Road Training class Timings

6:00 AM to 9:00PM (Obtain Appointment)

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What our students saying about us

Amazing driving school, very enjoyable learning environment. My driving instructor was knowledgeable, easy to understand and supportive. Before going into my first lesson I’ve never driven a car before in my life but after a few lessons I was confidently driving on the streets, he helped me get prepared for my license road test and I was able to pass on my first attempt. I could not be thankful enough to him for helping me achieve this goal.

— x — x —

Sohi Patel

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