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Best Driving School for Terwillegar Area

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  • Alberta Transportation approved driving lessons.

  • Male and Female Alberta Transportation certified Instructors.

  • Free Pickup and Drop-off

  • Class 7 Knowledge test prep

  • Our Driving School is open all 7 days of week – 7 am to 8 pm

  • Our driving program includes online theory lesson

  • Theory class batch starts every weekday

  • Manual (Stick Shift) Driving Lessons available

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels

Lessons personalized based on age, driving experience, and needs

Theory Lessons

15 hours classroom theory lessons (Online option is available)

On Road Training

10 Hours of on road training
Arrow Driving School in Edmonton


Insurance reduction certificate

Our Driving Lessons Edmonton

Alberta Transportation approved driving lessons

Option 1A

25 hours option

10 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

In-Class Theory


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Option 1B

25 hours option

10 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online Theory


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Option 2A

29 hours option

14 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

In-Class Theory


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Option 2B

29 hours option

14 Hours Driving

15 Hours Theory

Online Theory


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Option 9

Basic Road Test – Car Rental for Road Test in Edmonton


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Option 10

Advance Road Test – Car Rental for Road Test in Edmonton


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Arrow Driving School

Unit #206, 6203 28 Avenue.


T6K 4E8

Tel: (780) 721-8282


Our On-Road Training class Timings

  • 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Obtain Appointment)

What our students saying about us

Amazing driving school, very enjoyable learning environment. My driving instructor was knowledgeable, easy to understand and supportive. Before going into my first lesson I’ve never driven a car before in my life but after a few lessons I was confidently driving on the streets, he helped me get prepared for my license road test and I was able to pass on my first attempt. I could not be thankful enough to him for helping me achieve this goal.

— x — x —

Sohi Patel

Arrow Driving School student 1
Arrow Driving School student 2
Arrow Driving School student 3
Arrow Driving School student 4
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Why learning driving through Arrow Driving School Edmonton is important

Driving School Edmonton – What to Expect 

At the driving school Arrow Drivng School we pride ourselves on teaching you the fundamentals of driving safely on the roads. The instructors will provide you with information that will make you a well-informed and conscious driver. At Arrow Driving School Edmonton you will receive classroom instruction as well as hands-on experience with experienced instructors under the Driver Training Regulation. Classroom training will consist of lectures, discussions, group work, videos, and homework. Hands-on training will include discussing the driving, observing, and hands-on driving, you will also be provided with immediate feedback during the hands-on portion of the lesson.

You should choose the driving school that best fits your needs, so why should you choose Arrow Driving School Edmonton? You should choose Arrow Driving School because we provide the best value for your money. We offer a variety of courses that cater to each person’s ability level and the pricing is adjusted accordingly. Courses are also flexible, and there is even an option to take the course prep online, for those who do not have time to join a class. An added bonus is if you complete The Notice of Driver’s Education Completion Form it can be used to receive a discount on your insurance.

Driving Education Training is vital for a multitude of reasons, some of the most important reasons are listed below:
*Become an experienced driver
*Learn the Rules and Laws of the Road
*Driver Responsibilities
*Fundamentals of Driving (switching lanes, parallel parking, backing-up, driving in traffic, u-turns, ).
*Learn to drive properly on the highly.
*Know the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians and cyclist.

It is important that everyone learns the rule and regulations of the road in order to keep everyone safe, Driving School Terwillegar offers lessons in all aforementioned subjects.

You have to take the course now it is time to obtain your Driver’s License. How exactly does one go about obtaining a Driver’s License in Alberta? This will, of course, take place after you have completed all your course work so that we know you are ready to take and successfully pass the driving test.

1). Pass the automated Driver Knowledge Testing System.
2). Schedule and take a road test with a driver registry representative.
3). Know and understand the demerit system used in Alberta for driving infractions.
4). Pay for your license and begin driving.

There will be practice quizzes provided with your course work so you will be more than prepared to successfully pass the Driver Knowledge Testing System.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

How will you pass the driving test? You will pass the driving test because you will be prepared and will be knowledgeable of all questions asked and all tasks that are presented. Attending Driving School Arrow will give you the knowledge and the ability to be able to successfully pass the driving test. You will need to make sure you understand the rules and regulations of the roads and be willing to be a defensive driver. You will need to be ready to take not only the driving test, but also the written portion of the test. It is highly suggested that you practice the following moves before taking your hands-on driving test:

1. Backing Up
2. Right and Left Turns
3. Stopping
4. U-Turns
5. 3-point Turns
6. Stop Signs
7. Yield Signs
8. Driving Through or Stopping at an Intersection
9. Blind Spots
10. Parking
11. Parallel Parking
12. Reverse Parking
13. Backing Up
14. Parking Uphill/Parking Downhill
15. Railroads (know what to do when you come across one).
16. Corners

You will want to be sure you know all the rules and regulations of the roads including speed limits and knowing when to use your turn signal. Pay attention to what you are doing and what is going on around you – always be alert to your surroundings when driving. The more you practice before taking your exam, the more confident you will be with your answers and your actions. Driving will eventually become second-nature and you won’t even think about what you need to do – you will simply just do it. Practice your first few times somewhere in which many cars aren’t around, that way you can focus on what you need to accomplish. Study you manual to prepare yourself for the written portion of the driving test.

Students who take our courses in Arrow have a very high success rate and are very pleased with the education they received from us. Students state that the skills that we have taught them make them feel safe on the road. We are constantly having people complete our program with great success and successfully obtaining their Driver’s License. Students state that through taking the course at Arrow they have learned to be proactive and defensive drivers, rather than reactive drivers. Many students have commented how exceptional the instructors are here at Arrow. One student stated, “Your lessons are concise and to the point”. Students say that the curriculum is through and the instructors really do care whether or not I learn to drive. Come to Arrow with our outstanding instructors and learn to drive.