How To Drive A Manual

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How To Drive A Manual When You Head To Driving School

You can learn how to drive manual, and there are a few steps that you have to go through when you get into cars with manual transmissions. The stick shift is not easy to drive the first time, and you will find out that many of the performance cars and old cars you drive have a manual. You might not have considered driving a manual before, but you can learn this when you go to Arrow Driving School. You should learn to drive manual because it makes you a much more versatile driver.

You Can Drive Anything

Before you even learn to drive manual, you should know that you will have the chance to drive any car or truck that you could want. You can drive a moving van that is very big, or you could go off to learn how to drive commercial vehicles. You can drive a sports car with a stick shift, and you can drive an older car that only comes with a manual. You can transfer this information to any of the vehicles you want that also include:

  • Sports cars
  • Older cars
  • Manual alternatives
  • Big rigs
  • Box trucks
  • Commercial vehicles

The Layout Is The Same

The layout of the car is no different from an automatic, but you do have a third pedal. Everything else is the same, and you have that pedal just to the left of the brake that will operate the clutch. You will shift from the center console because you need to have the configuration that goes up to first, down to second, up to third, and down to fourth. You can continue if there are more gears in the transmission, and the last one is reverse. They are numbered on the console, and you can look down when you make your changes. You also have to remember that you will match up the left pedal with the gear shift.

Learn the layout of the car when you sit down because you need to feel comfortable with where the pedals and the gears are when you are trying to change gear. You do not want to press the wrong pedal when you are going along, and you need to know you can go to the right gear.

What Does The Clutch Do?

The clutch is to the left of the brake, and you have to press it down every time you change gear. The idea behind this is that you are manually changing gear, and you cannot release the cogs in the transmission unless you press the clutch down. This is a process of pushing the pedal down and changing gear. You have to move them in order, and you cannot just skip from one gear to the next.

You can feel the pressure under the clutch when you are moving the cogs, and you have to press it enough to make the cogs disengage all the way. If you only press the pedal just a little bit, you will hear a grinding sound, and you might not be able to shift gears because you have not operated the cog changer in the right way.

How To Change Gears

You will change gears when you press the clutch and move the gear shift. You have to go in sequence from one to two and three to four. It is a very simple thing for you to do, and you have to keep track of where you are when you change gears. You have to practice changing gears at Arrow Driving School because you need to make those gear changes smoother. You will feel the car jerk when you shift manual transmissions, and you can get better and better at it as you go. You can only be effective when you drive manual when you have made very smooth great changes from one to another.

Changing gears will be pretty easy once you have done it a few times, but you should use the list of steps to make sure that you are doing it right.

  • Listen for the sound of the engine
  • Get ready when the sound gets really high
  • Press in the clutch and grab the gear shifter before you are ready to shift
  • Check which gear you are going to
  • Press the clutch and shift the shifter at the same time
  • You immediately let up off the clutch pedal, and you can leave your hand on the shifter if you are planning on shifting again very soon

You must learn the configuration of the gears on the shifter because they could be laid out differently on every car. You have to know which way you are going when you shift, and it is safe to glance just to know that you are doing it right. If you go the wrong way, it could be bad for the car.

How To Reverse

Chances are you are reversing from a dead stop, and that means that you are in first when you are ready to go to reverse. You can shift straight to reverse, and you will move the car backward. However, you have to be certain that reversing is not done with the idea of going fast. You cannot drive backward like you would in the movies because you cannot get the engine to change gear. You will hear the engine rev so hard that it will redline, and you could ruin the engine in the process.

Reversing is very important if you want to parallel park, and you need to know how to feather the throttle in a way that will not give the car too much power as you are backing up. You might feel weird if you have the pedals so close together, and you will notice how you can get the reverse to work better when you are studying parallel parking for your exam. You do have to know how to do these things if you cannot parallel park, and you will notice that you need some more practice on the track.

How Do You Know When To Change Gear?

The gears in manuals are changing to make the engine move at a relatively decent speed while helping the car go faster. You can hear the pitch of the engine go up, and you will hear it keep going up until it is too high. That pitch is what you drive by because you will only change up to the next gear when you know that the sound is too high.

You change gear when the engine is revving too high, and it will shift back down to a much lower sound. You will hear the engine get higher and higher if you are still speeding up, and you will change to the next gear again. You will do this until you are at a cruising speed, or you will shift down when you are going too slowly to be in the gear that you are in. You can shift from one gear to the next to get back to first quickly, and you will hear the engine simmer down.

You can hear the engine slow down when you are coming to a stop, and you will simply go back to first gear if you are making an emergency stop. If you are parking, engage the parking brake to be safe.

What About Paddle Gearboxes?

You might drive manual in a very nice car that has paddle shifters up by the steering wheel. One of the paddles will help you shift up, and the other will help you shift down. In a car like this, you do not press the clutch pedal because of the paddle act as a sort of automatic transmission. These paddles are typically only found in very expensive cars, but they are becoming more popular when used by companies like BMW in some of their sedans and SUVs.

What Happens If You Drive Manual Poorly?

You will ruin the clutch or the transmission itself when you are not shifting correctly. The gears will be shredded, and you will hear a grinding sound in the car that will scare you. Because of this, you need to remember that you have to be as smooth as possible. Shifting at the wrong speed will cause damage to your manual transmission, and you will see bits fall from under the car if you are not careful. SKipping gears is just as bad, and it is a technique called short shifting that is actually reserved for experienced race drivers.

How Long Will It Take To Learn A Manual?

You will be taught at the Edmonton driving school how to drive the manual in a way that is the best for you. The instructor will take you on the course to learn how to drive the manual and hear the engine rev. This is a very safe place for you to learn because you can hear the car change gears without having to worry about other cars around you. You learn how to drive a manual with the written portion as well because you need to know the practical things that will make your driving experience much easier.

You can learn to drive manual just like you did when you learned to drive an automatic, but you do need time learning how to coordinate your body when you have to press down the clutch and shift gears at the same time. The only way for you to get better is to build up your muscle memory by practicing. You get the practice that you need when you are in driving school, and you have to remember that you can have an instructor in the car who will give you tips.

Screeching Wheels

It is impossible to screech your wheels in an automatic, but reckless drivers can screech their wheels in a manual. You should not rev up the engine before you release the break. You should not hold down the clutch just so you can make the engine louder, and you should remember that screeching your wheels is illegal in some places. Even if it is not illegal, you could be pulled over. The manual is intended to give you manual control of the transmission, and you should not abuse that control when you are on the road.

Learning Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles will have manual transmissions most of the time, and you can go out and drive these vehicles if you have studied how to in the past. This training that you get today makes it much easier for you to drive something like a box truck or big rig, and you can continue your training in another place that will help you get the commercial license that you want.

Sign Up At Arrow Driving School

You can sign up a driving school and tell the instructors that you want to learn the manual or learn the automatic. You need to let the staff what you want to learn, and they might want to know if you have a certain car that you want to drive. There are a lot of people who will want to drive a specific kind of car, and there are people who will only use the training cars that come from the academy.


You can learn to drive a manual at any time that you want, and you will learn how much easier to drive a car like this when you have been given the good instruction that you will receive at the school. You will not be trained to drive larger vehicles, but you can use this information on manuals to drive vehicles like that in the future. You will be a much more versatile driver, and you will have more fun and confidence on the road.