Why People Fail Driving Test

Going for your test in an unsafe car

It may seem obvious, but many people fail before they even start by showing up for their road test with an unsafe car. If the car is missing a headlight, has no rearview mirror or no seatbelts, or has a cracked windshield, don’t expect the examiner to even step into the car.

Next, the minute you as the testee sit into the car, buckle up, be sure the examiner is buckled up, and adjust your rearview mirror

If you take off without checking your mirror, the chances are you will fail.

Next, be sure you have no distractions

This means leaving the radio off, and your cellphone in your purse or pocketbook and off. Trying to answer a cellphone is a sure fail.

Drive steadily

This means that you slowly but steadily go forward ahead, rather than jerking forward and then stopping.

Stop slowly and steadily, and to a full stop

Be sure you slow down well before a stop sign or stoplight, and come to a complete stop. No Hollywood stops here.

Use your signals to change lanes

When changing lanes, look back physically to see it is safe to do so and use your signal to let everyone behind you know your intentions.

Also, don’t straddle lanes. Keep your car centered in one lane at all times.

Don’t drive too fast

If the weather is bad, there is fog or rain, you need to slow down. Above all, leave enough room so you don’t tailgate and have to brake hard.

Don’t change lanes at an intersection

This is a big no-no. Change lanes far ahead of the intersection.


Be careful when parallel parking

Never hit another car or run over the curb in parallel parking. You may get points off for not completing the task, but you will generally pass as long as you have the car in control.

Use proper steering

A road test is not the time to use only one-hand for steering the wheel. You were taught the 10, 2 and 4 position in driving school. Remember to use them on your test as well.