Q. Will I learn the skills I need to pass the Alberta Tranportation drive test?
Yes! But more importantly, while you’re mastering the drive test skills, you’ll also be preparing for a lifetime of safe and confident defensive driving. The Arrow Driving School is committed to helping the student ease the tension and feel more comfortable behind the wheel making their driving experience a pleasant one.

Q. What is a lesson like?
Driving lessons are intense individualized coaching sessions. You’ll be engaged with your personal instructor throughout the session. At times you will be asked to make a running commentary, a verbal description of driving conditions and the factors affecting your decisions.

Q. Will I start driving right away?
You’ll start driving right after a quick orientation and assessment. Your ability to take control will depend on your readiness and previous driving experience (if any). Throughout the lesson, your instructor is there as a safety net so you’ll be safe as you make the mistakes that are part of the early learning process.

Q. Where will I take my lessons?
Your instructor will pick you up and drop you off at your home or other previously arranged location. He will be giving you a driving practice near your area.

Q. What are your cars like?
You will be learning on a new car. The car will have a dual set of control (brake) on the right-hand-side so that your instructor can take control of the car if necessary.

Q. What should I bring?
You need to bring your driving permit and your payment for the lesson (unless you’ve paid in advance). You’ll need to wear closed shoes – that is no sandals or open-toed shoes.

Q. What will the lesson cover?

The Arrow Driving School driving lessons will cover the basics of driving in all kinds of real life situations such as: freeways, city traffic, residential neighborhoods, hills, intersections and one-way streets.

Q. Do I need proof of insurance?
While you’re driving The Arrow Driving School vehicle, you’ll be covered by our insurance. If you take the drive test in our car, we’ll provide you with the necessary insurance and registration documents.

Q. How do I pay?
You can pay using Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal or Cash. The Arrow Driving School accepts all leading credit cards.


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