Alberta Road Test – How do I rent a vehicle for my road test?

Whether you’re learning to drive in Alberta, or are an experienced driver in need of your Class 5 Advanced road test, one of the most important things you’ll have to remember when booking your road test is that you must provide your own vehicle, or rent one if needed. Luckily, at The Arrow Driving School, we have rental vehicles available for our students who are taking their road tests, so you don’t have to worry about having access to your own vehicle on the day of your test!

Can you use a rental car for road tests?
Yes, you can use a rental car for your Alberta road test. We at The Arrow Driving School have many Class 5 and Class 5 car rental for road tests available to rent, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you with your requirements. Just let us know what day and time of week is best for you and we will arrange everything else.

Rental Vehicles Available for Alberta Road Tests
All light passenger vehicles are eligible as long as they are less than 8500 kg gross weight rating (GWR) except any 3/4 ton truck with dual rear wheels. Full-size vans weighing more than 9500 kg GWR may not be used either. The driver of such a vehicle must provide their own Class 5 license, and will need to ensure that their rental can legally pass inspection before taking it out on the road. If you fail your road test because of an unsafe or unroadworthy vehicle, you will have to pay to reschedule your exam and may also incur fines from ICBC for driving an unlicensed rental on public roads. What Does This Mean For Class 5 License Holders?

If you hold a valid Class 5 license and plan to get your Class 1 (truck) license in British Columbia, there is no need to worry about following these guidelines; simply make sure you bring your current license when renting a vehicle for your test. However, if you’re new to Canada and plan on getting both of these licenses at once, follow these instructions carefully!

How Do I Get A Rental Vehicle For My Exam?
The easiest way to find an appropriate rental vehicle is by contacting us at (780) 721-8282. Once you have chosen a location that offers rentals, call ahead or go online to reserve an approved rental. You will then be able to take it out for one day prior to taking your exam so that it can pass inspection by an ICBC official. For more information about renting a vehicle for your road test in Alberta, contact us today! We’ll help you get on track with your new license in no time at all!

How to take driving test without a car
If you have decided to rent a car for your Alberta road test, you will first need to obtain an Application for Class 5 Advanced and Reserve Rental Vehicle from a Service Alberta Centre or visit, click on Class 5 Advanced then click on Reserve a rental vehicle. This form must be completed before arriving at any service center.

Once you complete and submit your application, it can take up to five business days (not including weekends or holidays) to receive approval of your application. Upon approval of your request an email will be sent back with instructions on where to pick up your rental vehicle prior to your examination date. If denied with additional information why, an email will also be sent back with that information.

Along with submitting a completed Application for Class 5 Advanced and Reserve Rental Vehicle, you must have either insurance, or purchase insurance from Alberta Government Insurance when picking up your rental vehicle from one of our Service Alberta Centers. Be sure to show your driver’s license when renting a car for testing purposes so they know you are authorized to drive in Alberta.

Benefits of Renting a Car from a Driving School for the Road Test
Renting a car from driving school will cost less than renting one yourself. When using your own vehicle, you must pay for fuel, insurance, parking and more. You also risk damage to your own vehicle, which will be on your record if you wish to insure it in future years.

Most driving schools will provide rental cars with basic liability coverage at no additional charge. This means that if someone is hurt or their property is damaged during your road test, their claim is covered by your rental car’s insurance. Some driving schools even cover higher levels of coverage without increasing costs to students. Many driving schools have newer models on their lot that are nicer than some cars owned by consumers who use them as personal vehicles. Renting from a school also saves you time.

Your instructor can pick up and drop off your vehicle for you, meaning they will be more readily available throughout your lessons and in case something goes wrong with the car while you’re learning how to drive.

When it comes time to take your road test, rental cars from driving schools are already equipped with Dual break systems that allow examiner peace of mind when students are on their own behind the wheel.

With a rental car from a driving school, you’ll have less things going through your head so that you can focus on what really matters: passing your road test! Many new drivers tend to have nervousness about being on the roads by themselves during their first few drives away from home. With all these factors considered, it’s easy to see why many people choose rental cars over personal vehicles when taking their Alberta road tests.

Arrow Driving School
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We encourage our customers to contact us with any questions they may have; we’re happy to help as much as possible! Be sure to ask about our gift cards as well as gift certificates; these make great gifts for those who wish to purchase their own vehicles and begin their new life on Alberta roads.