Ten signs your teen is ready to start driving alone.

Being comfortable

This is huge if your new driver is not comfortable driving they might not be ready yet. It means there still to nervous to drive comfortably. Which is totally okay. Driving for the first time can be scary and they will eventually get used to it. A new driver that is comfortable is confident in there driving experience and is not overly nervous may be ready. If they are confident in what they are doing then they are more than likely ready to take on the road alone.

Making safe commitments

Your teen driver making safe commitments means they are being aware of their surroundings. Also following traffic laws is a great way to show commitment to safe driving. Most problems teens have is texting and driving. Another great commitment would be to stay off your phone while on the road. If they are using these techniques they are showing great maturity and could be ready to drive alone. Being on your phone is so dangerous while driving. It only takes a couple seconds for something to go round. Also just not paying attention when driving as well is dangerous so if your child makes good decisions they could be ready.

Good judgment

If your teen driver makes good judgments decisions on the road they might be ready to drive alone. After a few different scenarios you will see what choices they make. Poor choices as in turning late. Going through a red light. Driving when it’s not your turn are all indication they aren’t ready. Pulling over when a ambulance is approaching. Driving slow in a school zone are also good indicators of readiness because there using good judgment. Which means they could be ready if they make good choices on the road. Good judgment plays a huge part in your decision. If you feel like your child is doing the right thing then you can let them go! Because this part is huge.

Driving good on a highway

This is a great way to test your teens experience and attitude to be prepared to drive alone. Highways are a lot more stressful then regular roads. There are changing lanes, faster speeds, exists you follow, and a lot more vehicles. If you take your teen out and they show you fluently good driving with good choices and confidence then they are probably ready. They have to be more aware on a highway then what they do a normal in town road. It’s so much busier and chaotic so it’ll be good to see if your teen crakcxs under the pressure or not. It helps greatly to find out if they can venture off alone.

Following rules

If your teen is following rules this is a good sign they are ready. Road rules and house rules both play a part. If they follow traffic rules while driving this is a good example that they are ready. But they also have to listen at home as well. Doing what you tell them without sneaking or not listening. Able to listen to directions is a way to determine if they’d responsible enough. If they don’t do these things they might not be ready for it yet. If they don’t listen at home you can’t trust them to be on the road by themselves. This is a very important aspect that makes the decision. A teen that listenes and follows rules shows that you can trust them. Trust means you will believe in them to make good choices and good

Doesn’t give in to peer pressure

Most teens fall into peer pressure in there life. But this is another indication they are ready if they don’t cave to it. Kids can be very persuasive and your kid just wants to make themselves look cool. It’s hard to tell people no as well I’m general. So if your teen makes the right decision this is also a great indication they are ready. But if they don’t give in to kids peer pressuring this is a good sign that they will make correct choices alone.

If they pass driving school and get their license

Arrow Driving school is a great way for your student driver to show you responsibility. If your child does well and passes arrow driving school, and driving lessons this could mean they are ready to take on the road themselves and the test. After your student driver passes the driving lessons at driving school they will be able to take the test. The test itself is a huge step in successfully driving alone. It shows you know all of the traffic laws on the road. So if they pass both of these they are more an ready.

Passing driving test

If your teen driver passes the test this is a good indication they might be ready to drive alone. A skilled person watches you during the driving test to see what you do wrong. So they will know if they can legally drive or not. Alberta transportation is a place you can go for the test. But instead of alberta transportation you can go to whatever near you. If they pass the driving test then you know they know all the traffic laws to drive safely. Which might be all the indication you need for your teen because you know them better than anyone else.

Automatically putting on seatbelt And checking mirrors

If your teen gets in the car and automatically puts on their seatbelts this is also a good indication they are ready to drive alone. They are remembering that they need to do that before they do anything else. This is the first most important thing for safety. Then after their seat belts see if they check their car mirror this is also a good indication. Your mirrors are important for seeing what’s going on around you. They should always be checked before every drive if your teen takes these extra precautions this is also a great indicator. It’s better safe than sorry. So if they take all precautions of safety they should be good to go.

Your child’s mentality

The way your child thinks and acts will make the choices for you as a guardian safe and simple. If your child jokes around, doesn’t pay attention, still acts younger by their responsibility with things may be judgment enough. These things are what we watch everyday and you will automatically know if your child is responsible enough to travel alone. If they act younger than their age this is a good sign that they are not ready or responsible enough for driving alone yet. This is a big trust factor between parents and kids. So make sure you trust in your kids before you let them do this alone.