Why You Need To Take Refresher Driving Lessons

Does the thought of driving make you nervous? Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuous episode of lockdowns has led people to get out of touch with driving making their driving skills rusty.

We understand not driving for a while can make you lack self-confidence. Or chances are you might have passed your driving test a while back but haven’t gotten the opportunity to hit the road. Either way, a refresher driving course is the best way to help you drive again.

There are several reasons why people take refresher driving courses. To help you decide whether it is right for you, we have put out a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about it, its benefits, and most importantly, from where you can get the best training in town.

What are refresher driving lessons?

Refresher driving courses are driving lessons that improve your driving skills and help you gain confidence on the road. It is a perfect way to improve your skills, level up your road safety, and boost confidence behind the wheel. However, these courses are only for someone who has already had driving lessons in the past and needs a quick recap before they hit the road. They vary from short to intensive, just to cater to your needs.

Why do you need to take refresher driving courses?

There are several reasons why you must consider taking the course including:
You have recently got access to a car after years of not driving, so you are looking for a way to refresh your skills.
You are a new driver, and the thought of driving makes you anxious. You fear all the bad things on the road will happen to you.
You lack driving skills in certain situations, including nighttime driving or motorways.
You have been laid over recently by traffic police for speeding while driving.

Whatever your reasons are, polishing your skills before you hit the road is always a safer choice than going on the road all by yourself.

Are refresher driving lessons worth It?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the five reasons that make refresher driving lessons worth it.

#1. It boosts confidence
If you have been off the road lately, the thought of hitting the road can make you anxious. By taking a refresher driving course, you can brush up on your skills and boost your confidence all over again.

#2. Refreshes your skills
This ties to the first point. The less you drive, the rustier your skills become, and you lack confidence. How long has it been since you have driven your car? If it’s more than a couple of years, your driving skills are rusty. We don’t want you to return to driving and learn things the hard way.

#3. It Familiarizes you with the latest traffic rules
Traffic laws are dynamic. They change from time to time. Freshers driving lessons will help you learn about the new traffic laws, especially if you have moved to a new country and aren’t familiar with the rules here.

#4. It helps you acknowledge your bad habits
Over the years, you may have developed habits that can put you at a risk of facing fines and legal issues. For instance, not wearing a seatbelt or answering text messages, all of these can not only cause you harm but to others as well. A refresher driving course will pinpoint all the habits you have developed so you can work on them.

#5. It helps you learn more about your car
If you have been driving a manual car and now plan to switch to an automatic one, the new mechanism and techniques can be overwhelming, especially if you have been in the practice of manual cars for quite some time now. With refresher driving lessons, you learn more about your vehicle and the best ways to deal with it.

How long is a refresher driving course?
The refresher driving course is similar to driving courses in general. The only difference is that there’s no practical test at the end of it. Additionally, your instructor will guide and advise you whenever needed. Since the course is tailored according to your goals, you can anything you feel you lack experience in, including:
Motorway driving
Nighttime driving
Building confidence
Being careful with speeding
Learning new traffic rules
Switching from a manual car into an automatic car
Dealing with traffic junctions

There’s no limit to what you want to choose in your course. From everyday driving to learning basic things, you can learn anything that suits you. The only purpose of the lesson is to make you a better and an experienced driver.

Who should take refresher driving lessons?
Whether your driving license is 5 months or 5 years, drivers of all age groups can benefit from refreshers lessons. Regardless of age, even if you are a decent driver, a refresher course will help you improve your driving skills. Moreover, the best part about it is that you can practice it in your car. It gives you room to familiarize yourself with your car in the presence of the instructor.

How do I start driving after a long time?
The first step is to realize that you are a student driver. You also want to realize that you will want to pass the road test and stay in line with the Alberta Transportation Authority.

Getting back into driving can be a daunting prospect. Unlike riding a bike, where you can pick up from where you left, lack of driving can lead you to dangerous accidents. Apart from registering yourself for a driving lesson, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get back after a break.
Work on your theoretical knowledge. Learn about signboards, driving rules, and practice theoretical knowledge.
Let your friends or family members accompany you while you drive.
The more practice you do, the more muscle memory kicks in, and you will remember driving just like before.

The best driving school
Living by the motto do it right or don’t do it all, Arrow Driving School is a school that is experienced and dynamic. The lesson plans are customized to fit every individual’s demands and requirements.

Located in Alberta, Arrow Driving School is the best to teach you everything about the road. The school uses the latest technology, and the professional instructors are reliable and friendly.

By taking the course, the professionals make sure to give you the quality of training you need. Being the best at what they do, Arrow driving schools help you become a proactive driver in no time.

Additionally, at our driving school, there are several refresher driving lessons available. However, the best is option 4. Where you get 6 hours of hands-on training and 15 hours of theory. The package costs $350 and covers a wide range of training allowing you to hone your skills.

How does it work?
All you need to do is choose the lesson package, book it online or call (780)721-8282 to book an appointment.

Closing thoughts
Getting behind the wheels after a short break can be overwhelming. As you touch the steering wheel, a loop of negative thoughts runs in your mind. The best way to deal with driving anxiety is to take one step at a time. Seek help from professional instructors at Arrow Driving School and polish those rusty driving skills. So why wait any longer, become a proactive driver today!