We have upgraded our program in our driving school Edmonton! Our three new driver programs include:

1. Basic.

This is for students who have at least some driving experience but want to drive professionally for in-city pick-up in the Alberta area. This certification course is made possible by Alberta Transportation Insurance. This course is 10 hours. There are some restrictions.

2. Premium.

This is also for students with at least some driving experience but want to drive professionally for in-city pick-up in the Alberta area. This certification course is also made possible by Alberta Transportation Insurance but is 14. Again, there are some restrictions.

3. Ultimate.

This is for new students who do not have any in-city pick-up experience. It includes a non-transferrable Bonus Defensive Driver’s Course offered after licensure. If exams tend to really get you down, the Ultimate offers a free two-hour brush up close to your exam time. This is also made possible by Alberta

Transportation Insurance.

If you’re already an AMA member, you can save up to $140 on a new driver course and could qualify for our new associate membership. You can choose any plan from Basic to Premier RV. If you’re already a graduate of our program, you qualify for a coupon of up $200 off of your insurance policy.

What’s the point of the classes if you already drive pick up? Good question.

First, with driving becoming increasingly automated and expected to continue to do so, it’s becoming even more important to stay updated on the latest safety techniques. As a result, we make it a point to stay updated so that we can keep our driving classes updated in order to teach you what you need to know. We know how important it is to be prepared for every new world situation to stay as safe as possible. This is equally important if you have been having some trouble staying focused lately or if any new techniques have been established.

If you have been having anxiety or confidence issues, we strongly recommend that you come back to Arrow Driving School take some of our driving classes and driving lessons. The last thing we want is for you to get into an accident and end up in the hospital or worse. We have many techniques for combating anxiety and learning to drive as well as a practice exam available. We have instructors who are specially trained for handling anxiety in drivers.

The other major benefit of our driving classes and our driving lessons is that you can lower your insurance by getting a discount capped off of your AMA monthly premium. We believe in offering all of our drivers support no matter what the situation.
We also provide our own coaches and cars to practice with. Depending on which of the three programs you choose from above, our drivers ed programs offer more in-car training time. We recommend at least 40 hours, which is equivalent to a full work week.

What if I’m a new student and don’t have a car?

No problem! Our new student driver Graduated License program takes at least three years. Especially if you’re working on the side, that should give you plenty of time to save for a car. In fact, we recommend that you start our drivers ed program as soon as possible so that way you can become even more independent for as long as you’re able. It’s all about looking ahead to your future. You can take our program either in a traditional classroom or online.

Traditional In-Class

Our classes in our traditional in-class program at our driving school locations is 18 hours. Again, our driving school Edmonton makes is a point to stay upgraded with the latest of everything related to driving. In order for our students to get the most out of our programs, our school has interactive hands-on classes. Arrow Driving School makes it a point to promote proactive, as opposed to defensive, driving. We realize that some people associate “defensive” with aggression and that’s the last thing we want to see on the roads.

If you need to reschedule, we understand perfectly. Simple contact us or log in to your account, you can reschedule to another date and/or another location at no extra charge.


For the student driver who is self-motivated, currently has a full-time job, or working multiple jobs, our online program is available at the student’s convenience.

Our online program is especially handy because it also offers the option of transcripts and the option of replaying lessons. The latter is something you don’t get at a traditional driving school. As a result, if you learn best by doing something multiple times, our online program may be the better option for you. It offers up to 15 hours of the same material you would be learning in our traditional in-classes at our driving school locations.

However, once you purchase it, you have up to 60 days-two months-to complete it. This does not apply to your in-car time.

Exam Time

When you’re getting close to the time of taking your exam, you have the option of taking our Class 7 practice exam. Naturally, you won’t get the actual exam questions on it, that constitutes cheating. The point is for you to have a good idea of the type of questions to expect on the exam. If you think you need even more resources, please visit their website.

Remember, if you experience anxiety issues or confidence waivers at any time, you’re always welcome to come back and find out about our anxiety and learning to drive program.

In-Car Sessions

Especially if you’re a new student, we recommend that you take at least three hours (or half hours) of in-class sessions before doing your first in-car lesson. Each in-car lesson is two hours. Your instructors are trained to work with you at your pace. If you think you need extra practice on a technique or that you could use some extra hours, some Brush-Up lessons are available to fit your needs. We do whatever it takes to make you the safest driver that you can be.

What about Manual Transmissions?

Since these are no longer popular, these are available only for Red Deer New Driver and Premium students. Classes are often full so please check for the next availability. They tend to have a longer wait period as there are not very many instructors trained with manual transmissions anymore. We also do not recommend this unless you have your own car with a manual transmission.


If you already own a car or believe that driving is in your future, please don’t wait. Contact us today so that you can become as confident as possible as a safe driver.