If you are new to driving or have not been on the road long there are some things you need to know to keep your street legal. You need to know all there is to know about auto insurance and the coverage that you need. There are some things such as completing driving school that will help you lower your insurance rates.

These are some auto insurance tips for New Albertans.

Mandatory Coverage
To be street legal there is mandatory coverage that all drivers need to have. If you are caught driving without this insurance you can face fines or lose your license.
Third Party Liability
This insurance will cover you if you are in an accident and another driver or person gets hurt. It will also cover the damage that may occur to their property.
Accident Benefits
This is cover for medical attention and any rehabilitation you may need if you were in an accident. It also covers any passengers that may have been with you. This cover will kick in regardless of who is at fault for the accident.
Optional Coverage
These insurance coverage options are good to have for additional protection but they are not required to drive legally.
This will cover the cost of repairing the damage done to your car as a result of an accident.
This is good for additional coverage for the damage to your car that was not caused by a car accident. This can be damaged from a tree falling on the car due to a storm or damage from other natural events.

Who needs Car Insurance in Alberta?
Everyone that drivers in Alberta are going to need to have a valid license and car insurance. There are some temporary and new drivers that will also get coverage.
Temporary Drivers
If you are in Alberta for a short time or are studying for a semester at a university you are not going to need to get an Alberta driver’s license if you have a valid driver’s license in your home country.
If you do not have a driver license in English it is recommended that you get an
International Driving Permit. You will still need insurance coverage to drive in Alberta.
New Residents
If you are moving to Alberta permanently you will need to get auto insurance. You can use your existing license for a short time but will need to get an Alberta driver’s license. You should go online to the Government of Alberta website and see what you need to do to have your current license become a Canadian license. You may need to take a written or driving exam. You have 90 days to get your license transferred. You will still need auto insurance during this time.

Open Market
The insurance industry in Alberta is an open market. This means that you can shop around with different auto insurance companies and find the coverage that fits your needs. It will also allow you to find the insurance policy at a competitive price.

Things to Bring
When getting insurance in Alberta there are some documents that you will need to show the insurance company. This will make the process go smoother and quicker.
Drivers Abstract
This is your driving record. It will show if you have a valid license. It will also show any traffic convictions or any points that you have against your license. This will determine if you can get car insurance and how much you are going to pay for it. The better driver you are the less money you will need to pay for auto insurance. If you have taken a driving course at arrow driving school you may also get a discount. You may be able to get insurance without this document but you will be missing out on some savings. You can get this document from a registry office. If you are coming from somewhere outside of the United States and Canada this document will determine if your driving license is able to transfer.

Claims Experience Letter
This letter will state any claims that you have made to your previous car insurance company. This will go back t least 10 years. You can get this letter from your previous insurance company. They may want to send it directly to the new company you will be working with.

Lower Rates
If you feel that your car insurance rates are too high there are some things that you can do to bring down the price. Safe driving is only the beginning.
If you opt to have a paperless bill you can save some money on your car insurance. If you drive a hybrid auto you can also save money.
Prepare for the Winters
Winters in Alberta are cold and snowy. If you purchase snow tires you can save money on your insurance. These winter tires will improve your traction on the road making them safer too.
Driving School
If you go to a driving school you can save money. You will be able to save up to $200 for the completion of this school. With the proper training, you are less of a risk on the road so the savings will be passed on to you.
If you have your home and your auto insurance with the same company you can get a discount. If you have more than one car that needs to be insured having them both on the same policy can also save you money.

This is some information that will help you get insurance in Alberta. If you are new to the area you are going to need auto insurance to drive legally. These tips will help you get the coverage you need so you can stay on the road without getting into trouble.

If you want to learn driving contact Arrow Driving school. We offer Alberta Transportation Approved Courses.