How To Get Your Alberta Drivers License

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Getting an Alberta drivers license is not an easy process, largely because of the requirements one have to fulfill, however, it is a process that guarantees your safety and that of other road users. For someone to get Alberta drivers license be it the learner’s license or the regular driver’s license he/she has to be a legal resident of Alberta province. For those people who are new in Alberta province, the law requires them to apply for the Alberta drivers license within the first three months.
At times you may be required to provide a medical report from your family physician or an eye doctor before you are allowed to take the driving lessons. The aim of the medical report is to affirm that you have been examined and found fit to undertake the driving lessons .i.e. you don’t have visual problems. As a result of quality driving lessons that you will get during the process, you will manage to stay safe on the roads.

Make Sure that You Qualify for Alberta drivers License

Find the Alberta driver’s handbook and go through the list of the requirements for one to get Alberta drivers license, and from the list make sure you do meet the minimum licensing requirements. Some of these minimum licensing requirements include passing the vision test, be at least sixteen years old and in case you intend to drive another type of vehicle and not a simple passenger vehicle then you have to fulfill additional age restriction. For instance to drive a bus you have to be at least eighteen years old, however, in case you are not eighteen and you are willing to go on with the process then parental consent will be required.

Learn About the Graduated Licensing Program

The requirements for the graduated licensing program are the core pillars in which the licensing process in Alberta is based. Learning about the Alberta drivers license program will help you to easily pass the test considering all the new drivers must participate in the driving class program. It is important to restrain yourself from taking a road test before you fulfill all the graduated licensing requirement. However, remember road test is very crucial part of the driving class and failure to take a road test after all the graduated licensing requirement have been met, may lead to your test being voided despite you passing the test.

Study the Alberta Driver’s Test before One Gets Alberta Drivers License

Use the available study resources that will be available in your driving school, one of the best article being the Alberta driver’s manual, and start to study for your Alberta learners test. In the manual, you will find the information needed to pass the Alberta Class 7 which is a practice test. Spend time reading the manual from the first page to the last but pay more attention to the traffic section, traffic safety, and road signs. In case you don’t have the manual you can download the guide from Arrow Driving School website and this will serve as a driving class and help you pass the Alberta class 7.

Consider Enrolling for Driving class in Alberta Driving Schools

The best way to get the practice that you need is enrolling for driving class in Alberta driving schools. The driving schools are known for providing quality driving lessons and driving skills. The driving class offered by the driving schools helps you learn the skills and build confidence to face the road test. In fact, the schools do give Alberta driver’s test to their students before they take the real driving test.

Take Your Written Test

The aim of this test offered in the driving school is to get the learners permit also called the class 7 license which is issued to a person before he is allowed to drive on public roads. It is always advisable to schedule your written test in advance and during the test remember to fill out the application form and verify your details where you will be required to provide proof of address, birth certificate, and passport. During the test, it is also the time when you pay the fee. The test should not be that hard since is a multiple choice test, the test is usually in ten languages .i.e. English, French, Punjabi, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, and Chinese.

Get Your Class 7 License

The provisional license is issued to you after you have passed the written test. The class 7 license only permits you to drive in the presence of another driver who is usually your supervisor. It is a must for the supervisor to ride in the front seat with you. It is prohibited for someone with class 7 license to have any percentage of alcohol in his blood. Remember the minimum period you can have a class 7 license is one year.

Take Your Road Test

After one year of driving lessons with the help of a supervisor, you should be ready to take your road test. The rate at which you were practicing and obeying traffic rules will play a major role in determining whether you pass or fail the test. In case you are wondering what I mean by road test, it is basically showing your examiner that you can safely drive a vehicle. It involves starting and stopping the vehicle on hills and flat roads, reversing, changing lanes and obeying traffic rules and signs.

Receive a Class 5 License

Class 5 license is divided into two, the class 5 GDL license and class 5 non GDL license. You receive class 5 license after passing your road test. The license allows you to drive without supervision however, it has restriction since it is a provisional license. When holding the class 5 license, it is easier for your license to be suspended compared to fully licensed drivers. It takes two years to move up and become a fully class 5 non GDL licensed driver.
Before you get a full class 5 non GDL license you must stay with class 5 GDL for a minimum of two years. the following rules apply to someone having a class 5 GDL license, which includes zero percent of alcohol level, the class 5 GDL license driver cannot be the accompanying driver of someone who is still learning how to drive. The class 5 GDL license can be suspended in case of eight demerits points.

Receive Class 5 non GDL license

You receive Class 5 non GDL license after you have fully graduated from GDL program, which means you are not subjected to any restrictions or conditions. To obtain the license you will need to take an advanced road test which takes an hour.

From the above process, it is clear it will take years to master the driving lessons and get an Alberta driver’s license, but it is all for your own benefit since you will have pretty of time to learn and practice the driving skills. Getting Alberta drivers license is an achievement you should be proud of since it is an illustration of dedication.

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