Benefits of Brush Up Driving Lessons

Brush-Up Lesson overview

Every car has its blind spots, and every driver has skills they could improve. We offer personalized brush-up lessons for drivers looking to improve their abilities and confidence in specific areas, like learning how to parallel park.

These personalized refresher lessons are also a great way to get ready for a road test or upgrade a driving mark for the successful completion of our New Driver Program.

What you’ll learn during Brush Up Lesson

Learn from the top driving instructors in the province. The length of each lesson varies according to the driver’s needs, but in-car training can run for a minimum of two hours. Your brush-up lesson can cover:

  • Know driving and wants to learn how to pass the Driving Test.
  • Get ready for a road test
  • The correct way to parallel park
  • Learn about Traffic Rules
  • How to maneuver roundabouts
  • Driving best practices for highways
  • How to drive in at night or under extreme road conditions
  • You want to upgrade your winter driving skills.
  • You are an experienced driver and want to learn about Canadian Road practices and transportation rules.
  • Brush-up lessons can be customized to suit your needs.
  • There is a minimum two-hour booking for in-car lessons.

Call Arrow Driving School (780)721-8282 to book car for your Driving Test.