How To Get Over The Fear Of Driving

How To Get Over The Fear Of Driving

Every person has a fear of something, also known as a phobia, at some point in their life. Some people might have a fear of driving. There are several things you can do if you have a fear of driving.


One thing you could do to get over your fear of driving is to take a driver training course. A driving training course is sometimes taught at a driving school like Arrow Driving School.

The courses at these schools will first go over a drivers guide with each of their students. In a drivers guide there will be rules of the road like stop signs, how fast you can drive on residential roads and other roads in the state you live in, seatbelt laws for your state, and what each street sign means. The course will test the student on how well they know the rules of the road for their state.

After the student learns their state’s driving rules, the driving school will then take each student out for driving lessons on the road. These on the road driving lessons are always done with an instructor or other person who is qualified to do driving road tests.

Students will be able to get their driving permit after they pass both the written test and driving test from one of these schools.


After you get your driving permit, if you are still nervous or have a fear of driving, you may want to bring someone with you when you drive. Many times a person with a new driving license will have to drive with someone for an allotted amount of hours before they can drive alone. If you have someone with you when you first begin to drive you may feel less afraid, especially if the other person has had their driving license for quite some time.


Whether you are driving alone or with someone, you might be able to get over your fear of driving by only driving in areas you are familiar with and feel safe being in. Your first few times out driving you may want to only drive during the day too. Driving in familiar and safe areas during the day can help you drive without being afraid after a few times.


It might sound strange, but if you confront your driving phobia head on you will become less afraid of it. You can confront your fear of driving by getting behind the wheel and driving in less populated areas and areas you know. If you are not ready to get behind the wheel because your phobia is bad, you can find a driving simulator to practice driving. A driving simulator will have you driving a car on a computer screen on different types of roads and terrain. Once you are feeling safe and less afraid of driving with a simulator, you can get behind the wheel and drive on roads in your area.


Many times, with all types of phobias, talking about it with someone can help you get over it. If you have a fear of driving you should talk to someone who has experience in driving, like a friend or a relative. You could also ask for help and advice from a driving place like Arrow Driving School.

Never be ashamed of having a fear of driving. There are several things you can do to overcome your phobia. Things you can do are take a driving course, drive with someone who has a drivers license, confront your phobia head on, and ask for help or advice on how to get over your fear of driving.